Your priorities for our 2023-2026 Strategic Plan

January 13, 2023 | Author: Royal College Staff

The Royal College exists to serve you, our members, to deliver the best care for all. As we prepare our next strategic plan, we’re committed to further deepening and broadening our work on issues of importance to you.     

We invited our members in October to partake in a survey in order to deepen our understanding of our members and validate priorities for our upcoming strategic plan. We are truly grateful to those who responded to our short survey, including sharing feedback on the major issues and challenges that you’re facing in health care today.  

Some of the most important and consistent themes that arose, include: 

  • Most respondents are proud to be members yet many do not feel connected to the Royal College. 
  • Your networks are diverse, vast and well-connected, which presents great opportunities for continued collaboration, support, teaching and learning. 
  • There was strong support for the strategic themes of:  
    • health human resources (HHR), including the stressors caused by the pandemic and the resulting burnout;  
    • a continued and greater focus on equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) across all Royal College processes, to ensure we are supporting a more equitable system; and 
    • planetary health, including issues tied to climate change and sustainability. 
  • While there is support for the strategic themes, including a willingness to work together to advance them, many of you shared that you do not feel you have the knowledge or expertise to contribute to advancing these themes. 

Our upcoming 2023-2026 Strategic Plan will focus on these themes, while also 

  • focusing on our relationships with you, our members, to ensure we build a stronger relationship that enables us to move forward on our important work of building systems, educational resources and supports to help you deliver the best care for all; and 
  •  further deepening and broadening our work on the issues you have identified as most important (HHR, EDI, planetary health). 

Next steps 

We know that you have high expectations for the future and we are grateful for the trust that you place in the Royal College. We also recognize that in order to move forward, we must commit to ongoing engagement with you. This is your Royal College and we need your expertise. In the coming months, we will be refining our strategic initiatives to enable progress against our strategic priorities. We are looking forward to sharing it with you. If you have any questions about the 2023-2026 Strategic Plan or our strategic planning process, please email 


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Shahid Islam | January 19, 2023
Thank you for the update–at the chairs meeting last year it was brought up that the name of the College "Royal College"–the world "Royal" connotates "colonialism". In view of the position that College has taken in regard to EDI, is the College thinking of changing its name. In the very recent past, we have seen name changes occurring in various educational institutions and infrastructures and highways. Thanks.
Royal College Staff | January 31, 2023
Hello Shahid,

We do understand the connotations of the word “Royal” in our name. The Royal College was incorporated through a special act of Parliament in 1929 by King George V and as we look to changing our Royal patronage, we will review the requirements of this designation. We will continue to focus on advancing or EDI efforts across Royal College processes and within the postgraduate medical education system.

Thank you,

Royal College Communications