Working together to build a repository of mental health resources

July 20, 2022 | Author: Royal College Staff

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide support and tangible solutions for the professional and personal well-being of members, the Royal College is seeking your help to build a collection of relevant mental health resources.

As a community of health care providers, we look to you to guide us toward resources that positively impacted your own mental health and that, in turn, may be helpful to your peers.

Resources in all formats – articles, videos, apps, blogs, infographics, toolkits, webinars/training – are welcome and we invite you to include a reflection on how this resource has helped you.

Please take a few moments to submit your recommendation by completing the form below.

All recommendations will be considered and reviewed by experts as we look to assemble an expansive suite of resources to support your mental health.

Don’t have a recommendation but have a suggestion for the types of resources you would like to see? Share your suggestion by email at


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