What’s the value of Competence by Design?

February 25, 2022 | Author: Royal College Staff

See at-a-glance efforts and benefits of CBD across different roles

An informal panel of program leads across Canadian medical schools were asked to weigh in on the value of Competence by Design (CBD), laying out the efforts being expended in different roles, versus the benefits being gained. In sharing their thoughts, they wrote that “while change at this scope comes with challenges that require monitoring and adjustments along the way, CBD is moving us towards significant benefits in residency education.”

Download the package of five CBD effort vs. benefit infographics

During an already challenging time in medical education, programs are putting forth significant efforts into the transition to competency-based training. These graphics depict the intended benefits and values that are expected to arise from the important contributions of residents, faculty, program leads, and institutional leads.

How do I use these infographics?

This package can be distributed within your program, posted in common areas, or used as a base of discussion during grand rounds or CBD workshop and learning sessions.

Share your feedback

Take a look at the infographic set and let us know at cbd@royalcollege.ca – how is CBD impacting you?