What is the link between wine tasting and resident education?

Royal College Staff
August 13, 2019 | Author: Royal College Staff

Both involve teaching, assessment and evaluation.

Teaching might be demonstrating how to describe a wine: appearance, nose, mouthfeel…or describing the four basic tastes areas on the tongue.

Assessment might include seeing if a taster can identify a particular grape variety or region (or for the master taster which vineyard and year!)

Evaluation involves looking for the effectiveness of the tasting: was it enjoyable, can the tasters apply what was learned, was it resource effective?

And both wine tasting and resident education are fun!

Of course it is also nice to share a nice bottle with the residents on your team!

Register for Physician as Wine Lover: The “Sommelier Role” session. This event has been an ICRE staple for 8 years and there are a few ICRE attendees who have participated in every one. This year we will focus on the wine region closest to Ottawa: Prince Edward County, located on the shores of Lake Ontario. The cool climate and the limestone soil provide an ideal environment for growing pinot noir and chardonnay, the grapes of Burgundy.

We will be joined by sommelier Paul Howe who is passionate about ‘County’ wines and will lead us through a tasting of some typical varietals of the region. And wannabe sommelier Linda Snell will discuss the links between wine and medicine.

Register for ICRE 2019 and come prepared to learn, assess and evaluate!