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Royal College Staff
August 9, 2019 | Author: Royal College Staff

We love the #TipsForNewDocs news feed on Twitter.

Credited by one source to Australia’s PRINT Conference, the hashtag has been in popular use for the past several years. Twitter users across the world share funny, poignant and useful advice — that’s both brief and broadly relevant. It’s a great source of wisdom for new doctors (and you don’t need a Twitter account to scroll through the list!)

Research even backs it up. A review by Rashid, McKechnie and Gill (2018) concludes, “Despite their brief and often jocular nature, #TipsForNewDocs tweets provid[e] meaningful advice for newcomers to the profession, often focusing on tacit learning and professional socialisation. Hashtag-driven enquiries can be a valuable and time-efficient way of accessing and sharing tacitly held knowledge.”

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What do you wish you had been told early on in your career? Please share your wisdom generously in the comments, submit it or tweet @Royal_College using #RCTipsForNewDocs.

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