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July 31, 2018 | Author: Dr. Andrew Padmos

Dear colleagues,

I hope at this point in the summer, you have all had an opportunity to relax, unwind and disconnect — if only for a short time (or at least have imminent plans to do so). I’ve been using this quiet time to reflect and to think ahead to what we have in store for the second half of 2018.

I was very heartened by your response to my last post, which introduced our Royal College Strategic Plan for 2018-2020. A number of you commented or emailed asking for more specific details — I’m delighted you are interested. As I told them, the strategic plan will be supported by a more detailed operational plan that will prioritize and define strategic initiatives. Our progress against those initiatives will be tracked and reported to Council quarterly. This report will review performance measures and metrics, risks and mitigations, and overall status. What’s top of mind to me as we work through the final planning stages of that operating plan is engagement and support of Fellows.

So far in 2018, we have worked with mdBriefcase Group to offer new self-assessment learning programs (a new one will be available in the fall). We continue to publish MOC Tips in our member newsletter and offer support to Fellows via our Royal College Services Centre. We’re progressing in our collaborative work on a new vision for continuing professional development (CPD) for physicians as part of the CPD component of the Future of Medical Education in Canada multi-phase project. We continue to extend the global value of the Royal College designation through our work with international partners. We also continue to monitor health workforce issues that affect our members; in June, we published new data in our Medical Workforce Knowledgebase and our next employment study will be released this fall.

We are actively evaluating how we can better support you in your practice of specialty medicine. These efforts include our new Professional Practice and Membership Office, several task forces (including one on the disruptive role of technology on medical education and health care) and soon a Member Value Survey that will look for your input on our current and potential services, and feedback on our communications efforts.

I am very proud of our Royal College staff, volunteers and members. The list of activities above doesn’t even speak to other core work related to implementing new efficiencies in exams, the progression of our Competence by Design initiative and work to refresh and modernize our accreditation system, among many other business functions. The commitment and dedication I observe every day is inspirational.

I would like to thank you all for your efforts. There are many things to look forward to in the latter half of the year and into 2019. I thank you for your continued engagement.


Andrew Padmos, BA, MD, FRCPC, FACP
Chief Executive Officer


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A. J. Kirshen, MD, FRCOC | August 3, 2018
Remember the axiom - "Man plans, G-d laughs". With the exception of MainPort, all of the Colleges actions are slow and late. Responses to formal applications from members already Fellows for new credentials are RIDICULOUS. Further, you haven't really asked ME what I think. I agree that you are a necessary evil but, as for adding value to me, you don't. Your value is 100% focussed on training, which should be 80% of your work. As for member engagement - forget it - I give you a D-
Dr. Andrew Padmos | August 14, 2018
Hi A.J., it looks like we have a lot of room for improvement — I welcome the challenge. Later this month or early September, we will be issuing a Member Value Survey. I urge you to complete it. I urge you to encourage your Fellow-colleagues to complete it. The survey will ask for your feedback on current services, potential services and our organization’s communications efforts. We know we can improve how we engage our Fellows, but we need you to inform where to put our focus. In the meantime, I’d like to direct you to our last Annual Review: One thing I like to particularly point out is that we’ve created a new executive portfolio for Professional Practice and Membership, to strengthen and enhance our work in these important areas. This new office will be using the aforementioned survey results to guide our member value initiatives, tied to our new strategic plan. Kind regards, -Andrew
James Deutsch | August 1, 2018
The above "CEO" message seems predominantly corporatespeak. Please, tell us more: Where is the concern for the humanity and suffering of the people we serve? For the social determinants in the global, profit-driven, neoliberal context (including food security, housing, environmental injustice, and increased privatization)? Who decides what is salient to "competency"? Where were you during the marketing of opioids? What are you doing about supporting Pharmacare and battling the erosion of Medicare? About ensuring the accessibility of competent psychological care by allied professions? About authoritarian hierarchies in medical education? Tell us about the layering and the closeness to direct clinical experience on the part of your management structure. How many people are our dues supporting and what are they doing with our dues?
Dr. Andrew Padmos | August 14, 2018
Hi James, I must admit that I’m a bit taken aback by your comment. When we set out to map our new strategic plan, we deliberately sought broad and varied input and feedback from hundreds of Fellows and stakeholders. A concern for the people we serve is foundational to our plan, which places patients at the centre of our work. Examples include our Indigenous work, humanitarian efforts, our work in patient safety and strategies to better support specialists at the front line. I’d welcome the opportunity to speak with you on the phone to help clear up some misperceptions and clarify the Royal College’s mandate. Please email me at if you are interested in setting up a call. Kind regards, -Andrew.
James Cherry | August 1, 2018
The current cme process for data entry is onerous and user unfriendly. I do not see the college as my friend but as an unfortunate necessity
Jennifer Gordon, Director, Continuing Professional Development | August 14, 2018
Hi Dr. Cherry, our CPD Unit is working with the Professional Learning and Development Committee and other volunteer-driven groups, including Council, on future developments for the MOC Program, including making MAINPORT less onerous and more user-friendly. As well, in the meantime if you’re not already using it, the MAINPORT App improves the efficiency for entry of activities and helps ensure that all eligible activities are captured in a timely way. The CPD Unit is part of the newly-formed Office of Professional Practice & Membership that is actively working to identify and implement ways to provide value and support to Fellows in practice. I’d love the opportunity to speak with you about your MOC experience so that we can better target and prioritize our improvement efforts. Please let me know if you are willing to engage in a short dialogue on this: My team is here to support you. – Ms. Jennifer Gordon, Director, Continuing Professional Development
Winfried Bauer | August 4, 2018
NEWS: The global value of the "Royal College " designation is NOT extending. In California this designation has lost its value over the years to the point that is absolutely useless now. I remember the times when we would look forward to attending American College meetings in the USA. Now these events are not even listed on your website and you are talking about international cooperation! For years the American College has had a self assessment program. You are just thinking about it now but you are kicking retired members off the Royal College rolls because they cannot comply with the self assessment programs that you do not provide. But there is hope for the Royal College: If I remember correctly you are now partners with at least two South American entities. Maybe, just maybe you will be able to restore your association with the American College of Surgeons (if there ever was one) and make the ROYAL COLLEGE designation equivalent to that of the American College designation.