Secure your laptop/computer: 6 tips

October 12, 2021 | Author: Royal College Staff

Photo: Andras Vas (Unsplash)

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month in Canada. As a result, we’re highlighting some tips you can use to keep your digital activities safe and secure.

We store a lot of information on our laptops and computers, making us vulnerable to security breaches. Use these six tips to help keep your devices secure.

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Keep your system up-to-date

Operating system and software updates are important and one of the best ways to protect your computer. When your computer prompts you to accept updates, do so without delay. If possible, set your computer to turn on automatic updates.

Be mindful of your downloads

Before you download something off the internet, be sure it is from a trusted source. For example, download Zoom from the official Zoom website instead of a Google or Bing search result. Consider using anti-virus software to scan the file(s) before you open them and delete anything deemed suspicious.

Don’t automatically connect to public Wi-Fi

Public and unsecured private Wi-Fi networks provide a perfect opportunity for hackers to access your devices. As a result, public Wi-Fi should never be used to access sensitive information or to log in to work (or other private) systems.

For more tips, visit the Government of Canada’s Get Cyber Safe website:


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