Recognition (May 2019)

Royal College Staff
May 7, 2019 | Author: Royal College Staff

Celebrating the professional achievements of Royal College Fellows and Resident Affiliates!


Several Fellows are recipients of 2019 CMA Awards:

  • Sheila Wang, MD (Royal College Resident Affiliate) is the recipient of the CMA Award for Young Leaders (Resident).

Fellows were also among the 2018-2019 RDoC award recipients:

  • Warren Cheung, MD, FRCPC, and Bruce Fage, MD (Resident Affiliate) are the recipients of the RDoC Mikhael Award for Medical Education.
  • Jonathan Dean, MD, FRCPC, and Jonathan Dellavedova, MD, FRCPC, are the recipients of the RDoC Puddester Award for Resident Wellness.

The Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society also announced their
2019 Honour Award Recipients:

  • Robert Chen, MD, FRCPC, was awarded the 2019 Clinical Teacher Award;
  • David Bell, MD, FRCPC, received the Clinical Practitioner Award;
  • Sonia Sampson, MD, FRCPC, and Jennifer Vergel de Dios, MD, FRCPC, were awarded the John Bradley Young Educator Award (read Dr. Vergel de Dios’s story in the 2018 Royal College Annual Review); and
  • Anthony Boulton, MD, FRCPC, received Emeritus Membership.
Camilla Zimmermann, MDCM, FRCPC, was awarded the 2019 Eduardo Bruera Award in Palliative Medicine by the Canadian Society of Palliative Care Physicians.

Other honours and achievements

The Canadian Association of General Surgeons has named a new award in honour of Royal College Past-President G. William N. Fitzgerald, MD, FRCSC. The “G. William N. Fitzgerald Award for Excellence in Rural General Surgery” recognizes the contributions of surgeons and trainees working in rural practice who go above and beyond for their patients.

James A. Dosman, MD, FRCPC, who heralded in better health and safety in the agriculture field, and Jacalyn Duffin, MD, FRCPC, a hematologist and medical historian, were inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame for 2019.

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