New on the bookshelf – Medical Misadventures: What I Didn’t Learn in Medical School

November 26, 2019 | Author: Royal College Staff
New on the bookshelf - Medical Misadventures: What I Didn't Learn in Medical School

Photo: Chantal Skraba, UM Today News (Used with permission)

Arnold Tweed, MD, FRCPC, is a retired anesthesiologist living in Toronto. He graduated with an MD from the University of Manitoba in 1964. Since then, he has worked in a variety of areas: general practice, emergency medicine, intensive care, anesthesiology, medical research, teaching and medical administration. He has also travelled extensively, working in seven countries. He says that some of the most important lessons he has learned about medicine have come from chance encounters with unusual patients, unique characters and strange medical situations. This memoir builds on some of those experiences.

Briefly describe the subject of your book.

Medical Misadventures is a collection of anecdotes that describe some of my confounding and occasionally embarrassing medical encounters. These are not the inspiring and ennobling moments that highlight great medical careers. They are a collection of the incidents that underscore our frailties as physicians; they have taught me humour, humility and, perhaps, some humanity. Some are funny, some pathetic and some are simply the unexpected results of encounters with unusual people.

Briefly describe what motivated you to write this book.

This book started out as after-dinner stories; which, after surviving several versions of Microsoft Word and several migrations through updated hard drives, became a blog ( that I have now collected into a book.

Why will your book interest readers?

Most Fellows will have had similar experiences: some humbling, some perplexing, some inspiring. I believe these are the experiences that highlight the art of medicine and the unexpected twists that may complicate any medical encounter.

I hope readers will find some of the stories amusing and some instructive.

Medical Misadventures: What I Didn’t Learn in Medical School is self-published by Dr. Tweed and Bellefield Publishing. It can be purchased on Amazon in both Kindle and print formats, and from McNally Robinson bookstores.

Contact Dr. Tweed ( or follow his blog ( for more information.

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