New on the bookshelf: Le secret perdu des Jésuites Tome II Charland et l’or de la rébellion

August 8, 2019 | Author: Royal College Staff
Book cover and author: Dr. Éric Nicolas, FRCPC

Book cover and author: Dr. Éric Nicolas, FRCPC

Éric Nicolas, MD, FRCPC, a radiologist retired from l’Hôpital Honoré Mercier in Saint-Hyacinthe, Que., has directed some of his own newfound time and energy into becoming a published novelist. In 2017, he published Le secret perdu des Jésuites Tome I : Charland et les guerres américaines, a historical novel that tells the true tale of a mysterious Canadian who opposed the American invasions of 1775 and 1812. In May of this year, he published the second volume in this series.

Briefly describe the subject of your book.

In 2014, after having discovered the memoirs of Louis Charland, born in 1772, the narrator of the book sets out to find the continuation of his memoirs. After many adventures tinged with humour and social satire, we finally discover these famous memoirs in 2018. This plunges the reader into the troubled days of the 1838 rebellion.

Louis Charland had to recover the Jesuit watch that had been stolen from him six years earlier. His quest during the rebellion led him to the court martial and hanging of 12 Patriots. This is an engaging and original story that also addresses the following themes: Montreal in the 19th century, the fur trade, Jesuit history, cholera epidemics, 19th-century prostitution, Irish immigration, the Battle of Waterloo, the North American First Nations, eternal youth, and life after death.

Briefly describe what motivated you to write this book.

In 2017, I wrote the first volume of this trilogy of historical novels: Le secret perdu des Jésuites Charland et les guerres américaines. It was mentioned in Dialogue in July 2018 and was very well received. I continued to write Louis Charland’s adventures by publishing Volume 2 of my historical trilogy in May 2019. It is entitled Le secret perdu des Jésuites Tome II Charland et l’or de la rebellion. Many readers who had read Volume I wanted the continuation of my trilogy. I am very happy to present to them my new historical novel.

Why will your book interest readers?

My book is first and foremost a historical novel, but it also deals with medicine and the cholera epidemics that occurred in Montreal in 1832 and 1834. Also, I have included on page 241 the symptoms of a rare disease that will be a real challenge to diagnose, especially for the readers of my book…. This should be of interest to readers working in the medical field!

Do you have any final comments or observations about your book to share?

I wish the readers of Volume 2 the same pleasure in reading my book as I had in writing it. Honestly, as a retired specialist doctor, I had a lot of fun writing it…

The two volumes of the Jesuits’ lost secret are on sale in many bookstores in Quebec, but also through the author at

These books are only available in French.

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