Need help with Competence by Design? Introducing CBD Guidance

September 30, 2021 | Author: Royal College Staff

Information you need, now in one place online

The Royal College has created a new compilation of online information, a one-stop shop for program directors and school CBME leads, called CBD Guidance. The webpage information is designed to help programs attain clarity around what is a required policy of Competence by Design (CBD) versus where there are flexibilities in implementation. It contains the following types of documents:

CBD Policy

Policy documents explain how CBD affects existing local policy. They help local faculty change their policies to reflect new principles of CBD. Examples include EPA VersioningOverlap Training, and Educational Handover.

CBD Technical Guides

A technical guide clarifies and expands upon an existing policy. It digs deeper in a practical way on the policy and answers questions about requirements and flexibilities relating to the topic. Examples include EPA observation formsApplying standards for both time-based and CBD trainees, and Competence committees.

CBD Support Guidelines

There are numerous topics where CBD does not require a policy. To help programs make decisions within their own local context, the Royal College can provide guidelines or best practices shared from local contexts that may offer options, considerations, and direction. Examples include Guidelines for meeting training requirements during COVID-19Curriculum mapping, and The role of time in CBD.

The context

Impacts and implementation challenges of competency-based medical training often vary significantly across different local contexts. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Rather, flexibilities are purposely built into the design that allow schools and programs to blend a competency-based approach into their current scope of training. It is recognized, however, that having flexible answers can sometimes feel unstructured for schools looking for specific direction. CBD Guidance can help.

Schools and programs need support

Schools and programs have always taken pride in meeting the accreditation standards set by the Royal College. Now more than ever, with the ongoing pressures of the pandemic adding to a continual cycle of change within the medical system, it is imperative that postgraduate offices receive clear direction and support. The Royal College is committed to adding new documents to this section, based on direction from schools, so check back to the webpage regularly!

Programs are encouraged to provide feedback in shaping residency training through CBD program evaluation activities, collaboration with specialty committees, local CBME leads, or by emailing the Royal College directly at


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