MWK 3.0: the latest trends in physician workforce data

February 20, 2020 | Author: Royal College Staff

Physicians and surgeons play an important role in caring for Canadians. More comprehensive data and better monitoring are necessary for improved decision-making and health workforce planning. One way that the Royal College continues to invest in evidence-informed knowledge is through the Medical Workforce Knowledgebase (MWK). The MWK has recently been updated with new data.

See the latest physician workforce trends on the Medical Workforce Knowledgebase.

What are the current workforce trends affecting your specialty?

We have made enhancements to the MWK tool to improve the experience, including using an interactive visuals to explore patterns and relationships within the data, and allow users to compare and contrast data in real time for various specialties and subspecialties.

Originally launched in 2016, and updated again in 2018, the database provides key insights on the size and composition of Canada’s current and future physician workforce.

The MWK includes

  • specialty data and subspecialty data,
  • residency quotas and new training spots,
  • rural/urban distribution,
  • sex distribution of the licensed physician workforce,
  • age of the medical workforce, and more.