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We heard your request and promised to keep you better informed on matters flagged by you through our Member Value Survey. This update covers late fall 2019. In 2020, we’ll provide quarterly updates.

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Delivering more CPD content

To help support your continuous professional development, we’ve created more tools for you.

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Did you know you now have 9,000 ways to get Section 3 MOC credits? This is in thanks to a new collaboration with the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME®) that is expanding the number and diversity of Section 3 credits available to Royal College Fellows and MOC Participants in the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program.

In celebration of Patient Safety week, we continued to market our online continuing professional development modules for Fellows:



Listening to you

Whether it’s face-to-face or online, we’ve been gathering your thoughts and ideas.

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We sought your feedback on two important strategic issues being studied by Royal College Council task forces. We’re thrilled that over 5,000 Fellows participated in our Reaffirmation of Physician Competence Survey. And over 4,000 Fellows participated in our Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Emerging Digital Technologies Survey. These 9000+ responses will help shape final reports for Council.

In response to your feedback, we just launched a new searchable database to house all of the new Section 3 self-assessment programs. This updated system makes it easier to log or “shop” for creditable activities.

We just put out a call to Fellows to help shape the Annual Meeting of the Members (AMM) agenda. Submit your question today!



Amplifying your voice

Through new tools and resources, we are helping to amplify your voice to affect change in the health care system.

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This federal election, we invited Fellows to take action for specialty care. Our online tool equipped Fellows to quickly communicate with their Members of Parliament on several priority areas in health care. This is just one way we’re working to highlight top issues and strengthen Fellows’ input in key discussions.

In support of our federal election campaign, we featured two Fellow-penned opinion pieces in our newsroom:

In keeping with recent tradition, a newly certified specialist was given the opportunity to present the Royal College Convocation Address at this fall’s ceremony. Dr. Julie Yu shared her views on the future of medicine. Watch it here (38-minute mark)

We also put out our annual call for Honorary Fellowship nominations. This is a unique opportunity for Fellows to pay tribute to a health care leader or innovator. Nominations closed on November 15.



Being more transparent

You asked for greater transparency and openness, and we heard you.

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We’ve been reaching out to Fellows all fall with face-to-face town halls in cities across Canada and even into the United States: Brooklyn, NYC (September 19), St. John’s (October 18), Winnipeg (November 14) and Montreal (November 30). We welcome these opportunities to openly discuss key issues and topics that matter to our Fellowship.

We also recently circulated our financial statements in a new visual format to enhance clarity on where funds are allocated.

And in a story stranger than fiction, we shared some peculiar news with Fellows about the historic theft and recent return of our Royal College mace.

After each Council meeting, we continue to share an overview of Council decisions and discussions — a way of keeping Fellows informed of key items before leadership.



Fostering pride

From showcasing award winners, convening thought leaders, celebrating exceptional physicians, leading changes in medical education and improving patient care around the world, we are stoking pride in Royal College Fellowship.

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In November, we newly launched our International Development, Aid and Collaboration program. It supports Fellow-affiliated projects/activities in low- and middle-income countries. Read more about a project we’re supporting in Ethiopia.

Earlier this fall, we announced the recipients of our Prix d’Excellence-Specialist of the Year and Mentor of the Year awards. Read personalized profiles of these 10 Fellows in our newsroom.

This October, four Fellows were awarded International Collaboration Awards for 2019.

We also continue to profile the great work of Fellows.

Fellow-authors Dr. Sherif Emil, Dr. Lawrence Matrick and Dr. Arnold Tweed also shared about their new books.

If you think you have an interesting story to share about you and your work, please email



Providing value

We continue to invest in, and disseminate, evidence-based knowledge about our health care system.

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Responding to a suggestion from some of you for an easier way to document your Royal College status, this winter we are launching a self-serve Confirmation of Royal College Qualifications and Designations letter from our website.

Council approved a new “Statement on Creating a Positive Work Environment” that was shared with all Fellows in the October e-newsletter, Dialogue.

It was recently confirmed that 13 specialties will launch Competence by Design (CBD) in 2020: Cardiology, Clinical Immunology and Allergy, General Surgery, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine, Neurology, Nuclear Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Plastic Surgery, Psychiatry, Respirology and Vascular Surgery. The launch of these disciplines marks a significant milestone in CBD implementation as half of all residents in Canada will be enrolled in a CBD program

Our fall 2019 exam cycle saw 298 candidates sit for their subspecialty exams. These exams were supported by 211 Royal College volunteers.




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Avatar Raymond Hasel | November 30, 2019
I registered for the Montreal Town Hall in English, cid:image007.jpg@01D501B2.8A565DA0 The Montreal Town Hall duration is now three (3) hours Registration Reminder: Thank you to all who have registered! Dr. Eleanor Elstein, CSPQ, FRCPC (Chair of Regional Advisory Committee 4) invites you to a Royal College Town Hall. Saturday, November 30, 2019 8:00 – 11:00 am - Town Hall 7:30 am – Registration & Continental Breakfast Sheraton Centre Montreal Hotel 1201 Boulevard René-Levesque West, Montreal Drummond C-E Room, and received this email 3 days before the event, in French. cid:image002.jpg@01D4EE1B.74188A40 Chers participants Nous avons hâte de vous voir ce samedi à la séance de discussion ouverte du Collège royal. Veuillez trouver ci-joint le programme complet (disponible en version électronique uniquement). La version anglaise (électronique) du programme est disponible sur demande. Le samedi 30 novembre 2019 De 8 h à 11 h L’inscription et petit déjeuner à 7 h 30 Le Centre Sheraton Montréal Hôtel 1201 Boulevard René-Levesque Ouest, Montréal Salle Drummond C-E Why is the program not available online on the Royal College Website, "Conferences, Meetings, and Events" in the Professional Development Section, In English & French, and if it was known that this event was being held in French, why would this not have been declared earlier?
Avatar | December 19, 2019
Hi Dr. Hasel, we apologize for the confusion. Our practice is to communicate with our members in the language of their preference (as listed on file in our database). Our Quebec membership is predominantly French-speaking, hence the event was in French (though questions were responded to in English based on the participant’s preference). Going forward, we will always specify the language of presentation on our invitations to avoid confusion. We would be happy to share the program and PowerPoint presentation in English with you. If interested, please feel free to contact fellowshipaffairs (at) – Royal College Communications
Avatar Marco Ghignone | November 27, 2019
Thank you for updating and expanding MOC option for group 3 activities and the established cooperation with 6 boards of US SPECIALTY BOARDS. I have been practicing in the US since 1984. It has been a real chore trying to log my MOC credits gained through US based activities , as well as report activities related to MOCA for the AMERICAN BOARD OF ANESTHESIOLOGY and ABIM. Thank you for hearing our voices and make us part of the Royal College family. Best Regards