MOC 101: Get the basics on our lifelong learning program

March 3, 2021 | Author: Royal College Staff

Confused about the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program? Have more questions than answers? Start here for the basics.

What is MOC?

MOC stands for Maintenance of Certification. The MOC Program is the Royal College’s continuing professional development (CPD) program. It’s one of our core services for Fellows. Once you join as a Fellow of the Royal College, participation is mandatory if you want to remain a Fellow.

What are the benefits of MOC?

It’s made to measure for specialists like you. It’s the only comprehensive CPD program in Canada tailored for specialist physicians and surgeons. It’s also recognized and respected by governments and medical regulatory authorities across Canada. You’ll be in the good company of more than 46,000 Fellows committed to excellence in specialty care.

Why do I need MOC as a resident?

Becoming familiar with MOC now is an investment in your future self.

It will help prepare you for a career in active practice, when you’ll be expected to participate in a professional development program and show your dedication to lifelong learning to your patients, employers and regulators. Resident Affiliates have access to the MOC Program.

As a resident, you’re eligible to join the Royal College as a Resident Affiliate for free. Register today!

How can Resident Affiliates use MOC?

As you learn, you can report your learning activities and outcomes and claim credits in MAINPORT ePortfolio, the reporting tool for the MOC Program (we’ll profile MAINPORT in an upcoming article).

Any MOC Program credits that you accumulate during residency will give you a jump start on completing your first five-year MOC cycle as a Fellow.

Upon certification, you can carry forward up to 75 credits recorded as a Resident Affiliate into your first cycle as a Fellow (up to 25 credits per MOC section).

How does the MOC Program work?

The MOC Program is based on a five-year cycle.

Your first cycle begins on January 1 of the year following your admission to the program.

While participating as a Resident Affiliate, you can accumulate as many or as few MOC credits as you like – there are no requirements.

However, to maintain enrolment once you become a Fellow, you must complete a minimum of

  • 40 credits per year,
  • 400 credits per cycle, and
  • at least 25 credits in each MOC section per cycle.

The annual reporting deadline for the MOC Program is January 31.

Which of my activities count?

For starters, your certification exam prep counts!

Beyond that, here are some other examples of activities that count:

  • group-learning activities, such as conferences and journal clubs;
  • self-learning activities, such as formal courses, reading, research and systems learning activities; and
  • assessment activities, such as chart audits, simulation activities and accredited self-assessment programs.

Read the framework and MOC tips from Fellows for ideas. Also check out our list of CPD activities you can record.

Call us if you need assistance!

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