Members in the news (June 2019)

Royal College Staff
June 11, 2019 | Author: Royal College Staff

“The challenge I’m facing as a physician is the industry is focused on a market that’s no longer medical. They do not think cannabis is a medication,” Sana-Ara Ahmed, MD, FRCPC (“Skyrocketing medical cannabis patient numbers outpacing physician support, supply: doctor,” Edmonton Journal).

“If we don’t do it and have our say in how it’s going to roll out and be leaders in it, you know, things are going to be done that probably aren’t for the best interest of the patient,” Tracey Bridger, MD, FRCPC (“Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association launches virtual care strategy,” The Telegram).

“There’s definitely a lot of momentum right now in this space,” Roopan Gill, MD, FRCSC (“Technology for women’s health is booming. These doctors are using it to increase access to care,” CBC News – British Columbia).

“There is education material that is personalized and tailored to the type of treatment they are getting and to their diagnosis,” Tarek Hijal, MD, FRCPC (“‘She’s still living, in some sense’: Woman’s app for patients wins award, days after her death,” CBC News).

“To achieve the WHO 2030 hep C elimination targets we need a comprehensive prevention, care and treatment framework,” Mel Krajden, MDCM, FRCPC (“Dr. Mel Krajden: The hep C miracle — from discovery to cureSaskatoon StarPhoenix).

“It’s not easy to walk away from something you have been doing for 50 years,” Mortimer Levy, MDCM, FRCPC, who along with Alec Ramsay, MDCM, FRCPC, retires this month after 50 years of service (“MUHC celebrates two physicians’ 50 years of service — each,” Montreal Gazette).

“Treatments have advanced considerably and are now much more precise, which may be leading to better patient outcomes,” David Palma, MD, FRCPC, whose study was co-conducted with Anthony Nichols, MD, FRCSC (“Radiation therapy for throat cancer sees better quality of life outcome over robotic surgery, study suggests,” Global News).

“We’re trying to avoid the fights by starting these screen-time limits and these digital literacy talks with families early,” Michelle Ponti, MD, FRCPC (“Doctor says parents should set screen-use rules early, before kids get phones,” CTV News Toronto)

“The award resonates so very well with what we do in our little sphere, creating newer technologies to improve patient care,” Garnette Sutherland, MD, FRCSC (“UCalgary neurosurgeon wins Governor General’s Innovation Award,” UToday).

“…establish basically milestones or guidelines or benchmarks, if you prefer, that will then be applied across Quebec or presumably across Canada,” Jean-Pierre Farmer, MDCM, FRCSC (“Montreal pediatric centres team up to help children with musculoskeletal disorders,” Global News).

“There’s a culture in medicine, that is in society, that asking for help or looking for help is perceived as being weak,” Javeed Sukhera, MD, FRCPC (“Research paper suggests female physicians more likely to experience burnout,” Global News).

“A better understanding of the impact of fasting on health can allow for more nuanced decisions between clinicians and patients, so that informed decisions can be made about balancing faith-based practices and health,” Juveria Zaheer, MD, FRCPC (“Why fasting during Ramadan may help smokers quit,” CBC News – Health).