Members in the news (April 2019)

April 10, 2019 | Author: Royal College Staff

“A presumed-consent system in other jurisdictions has generally resulted in a ballpark 20, 30, sometimes 35 per cent increase in donation rates,” Stephen Beed, MD, FRCPC (“Should Canada have presumed consent for organ donations? Here are the pros and cons,” Global News).

“Our message has always been don’t be too concerned, we don’t know, and we don’t think, there’s any impact to short-term exposure a few times over a few years,” Trevor Corneil, MD, FRCPC (“Why it’s still hard to understand the long-term health impacts of wildfire smoke,” CFJC Today).

“I think if we change the dialogue a bit, we may keep the discussion moving forward,” Shelley Deeks, MD, FRCPC (“Unvaccinated: A former vaccination skeptic warns of online misinformation,” Global News).

“It’s very clear that there is no clear-cut benefit at this point,” Chelsea Elwood, MD, FRCSC (“Moms, please don’t eat your placentas: Obstetricians say ‘placentophagy’ carries risks, with no proven benefits,” The Chronicle Herald).

“Our homeless people are patched up and thrown right back out again. This is costing society millions every year,” Past-President Louis Hugo Francescutti, MD, FRCPC (“Elise Stolte: ‘Homeless ICU’ could solve the revolving door in Alberta’s emergency rooms,” The Province).

“Everyone should learn more about TB and how Canada’s foreign policies support, and obstruct, universal access to health care,” Jan Hajek, MD, FRCPC (“Dr. Jan Hajek: No person should die from ‘treatable and preventable’ tuberculosis,” The Province).

“It’s really about the culture that we live in and who older people are going to listen to,” Janet McElhaney, MD, FRCPC (“Sudbury researcher pushes seniors to get vaccinated,” CBC News – Sudbury).

“The clinical staging system definitely provides more information than BMI,” Katherine Morrison, MD, FRCPC (“Obesity in children should be defined by health issues, not just BMI: study,” CTV News).

“We discovered this pegivirus, which I’d never heard of before,” Christopher Power, MD, FRCPC (“Encephalitis: Researchers discover previously unknown cause,” Radio Canada International).

“My goal is to try and improve the quality of life for patients with Parkinson’s disease and their caregivers and to keep Parkinson’s patients in their own homes as long as possible,” Kyna Squarey, MD, FRCPC (“Problems for Parkinson’s patients include neurologist shortage, late meds, says doctor,” CBC News – Nfld. & Labrador).

“We were seeing 800 to 1,000 people in four days,” Kellie Whitehill, MD, FRCSC (“Vancouver Island surgical team making a difference in Guatemala,” The Province).