Meet the ICRE 2020 Chief Residents

Royal College Staff
November 18, 2019 | Author: Royal College Staff

After receiving an overwhelming number of submissions from residents from across the world, we are pleased to introduce the ICRE 2020 Chief Residents:

Dr. Patrick Boreskie, University of Manitoba, Canada

Patrick is a PGY4 Chief Resident in Emergency Medicine at the University of Manitoba. He has a particular interest in communication and knowledge translation and dissemination. He is a current fellow in the CanadiEM Digital Scholars program, aiming to improve the online presence of the University of Manitoba’s Emergency Medicine department and to implement quality improvement projects that focus on care for the elderly. Patrick’s current areas of research include free open-access medical education (FOAMed) appraisal and learning curves in transesophageal echocardiography.

Twitter: @PBoreskie

Dr. Greta McLachlan, Cleveland Clinic London, United Kingdom

Greta is a Higher General Surgical Trainee working in the United Kingdom. She completed her Medical Degree at the University of Leeds, and now lives and works in London.

She was appointed as one of the National Medical Directors Clinical Fellows in 2018 and worked as the Editorial Registrar at the British Medical Journal. She is now working at the General Medical Council two days a week and Cleveland Clinic London three days a week.

She has worked as an Anatomy Demonstrator at King’s College University and continues to teach anatomy at the London School of Osteopathy. Teaching and education is a passion that she would like to pursue at a higher degree. She has written on a diverse range of topics including the healthcare system in Australia, gender discrimination in surgery and leadership within the National Health Service (NHS).

In 2019 Greta, with four other leadership fellows, co-founded an initiative called Women Speakers in Healthcare, whose aim is to achieve balanced gender representation at all healthcare events.

Greta grew up with a severely disabled brother, Piers. This experience taught her about the importance as well as the difficulties of equality, compassion and inclusion. In her spare time she enjoys listening to podcasts, reading and laughing with her wife.

Twitter: @geemclachlan / @womenspeakershc

Dr. Brandon Tang, University of British Columbia, Canada

Brandon is an Internal Medicine resident at the University of British Columbia and is delighted to be serving as an ICRE 2020 Chief Resident.

Brandon concurrently completed medical school and a Master of Science in System Leadership and Innovation at the University of Toronto. He aspires to make a lasting impact on Canadian health care as a general internist, medical educator and health systems leader.

During residency, Brandon has been engaged in medical education leadership at the local, provincial and national levels. Locally, he is leading a landmark study on clinical teaching unit design, a ubiquitous model of clinical education. He is also co-leading the development of a novel clinical textbook for Internal Medicine trainees. At the provincial level, Brandon advocates for improved resident wellness and education on the Board of Directors for Resident Doctors of BC. Finally, he is the former co-chair of the Resident Doctors of Canada Practice Committee, where his leadership was critical to the development of several new initiatives, including a large-scale campaign to advocate for a pan-Canadian physician licensure.

In his free time, Brandon loves to travel, cook and explore the great outdoors in beautiful British Columbia with his partner, Linda, who is also a resident physician. He is thrilled to welcome the international medical education community to Vancouver!

Twitter: @DrBrandonTang

Dr. Andria Tatem, Baylor College of Medicine, United States of America

Andria Tatem is an Academic General Pediatrics Fellow at Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, Texas. She received her medical degree from Eastern Virginia Medical School and completed internship and residency in Pediatrics at Eastern Virginia Medical School. She is working on a Master’s of Education at the University of Houston. Her interests involve mental health in Pediatric primary care and utilizing growth mindset to reframe the remediation processes in medical education.

Twitter: @doc2be2014