Introducing our strategic plan: 2018-2020

Andrew Padmos
July 9, 2018 | Author: Dr. Andrew Padmos

Dear colleagues,

I know that you’re busy and may not have a lot of time to keep up with changes and activities at the Royal College, so let me assure you that the College is strong, committed and running well.

We have now completed our new strategic plan to guide us for three years. To complete the new plan, we consulted hundreds of Fellows, staff and stakeholders in meetings large and small. We discussed, debated and refined our ambitions and commitments for

  • high quality specialty medical education,
  • residency training and lifelong learning, as well as
  • healthy public policy,
  • engagement and support of Fellows, and
  • international outreach and collaborations.

Our new vision is bold and aspirational — we want to be the global leader in specialty medical education and care! Our introduction of Competence by Design places us among the leaders around the world; we want to share our expertise and experience to improve the care of patients and populations, at home and abroad.

Our updated mission statement places patients and populations at the centre. Our 50,000 Fellows value the Royal College because of its high standards, principles and practices that underpin residency education and lifelong learning, which enable and support the highest quality clinical service, education and research that patients want and deserve.

Put simply: Better education, better care.

I hope that you find some time to read the plan and that you contact me with your comments and questions at any time. Have a safe and enjoyable summer!

With all best wishes, sincerely,


Andrew Padmos, BA, MD, FRCPC, FACP
Chief Executive Officer

View strategic plan [PDF]

Royal College Strategic Plan 2018-2020




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Avatar So, if I heard you correctly… - Royal College Newsroom | April 17, 2019
[…] was very heartened by your response to my last post, which introduced our Royal College Strategic Plan for 2018-2020. A number of you commented or emailed asking for more specific details — I’m delighted you are […]
Avatar Abdullah | July 13, 2018
Very much proud of the current leaders of the royal college are doing Colleague fellows of this college are distinguished all over the world
Avatar Dr. Andrew Padmos | July 30, 2018
Hi Abdullah, thank you for your kind words. -Andrew
Avatar Barry Koehler | July 12, 2018
The strategic plan has wonderful broad brush strokes but is woefully lacking in pointillist detail. When will we see more of the latter.
Avatar Dr. Andrew Padmos | July 30, 2018
Hi Barry, as reported in the July issue of our newsletter, Dialogue, the strategic plan will be supported by a more detailed operational plan that will prioritize and define strategic initiatives. Progress against those initiatives will be tracked and reported to Council quarterly and will cover performance measures and metrics, risks and mitigations, and overall status. We are in the midst of finalizing that complementary plan. Details on certain projects may specifically engage Fellows; certainly, we will keep members aware of our efforts through our communications. Our annual review (published annually in Feb. /March) will also report on this work in more detail. -Andrew
Avatar Deborah Brienz | July 11, 2018
Very noble thoughts and plans..I would add that in the spirit of decolonization of First Nations here on unceded land and also to expand the College's attitude towards non-commonwealth nations, the word Royal be dropped from our group's name. Yes, it was named in government and it can most certainly can be petitioned to change. Of course it will cost money but ours is a very privileged profession.
Avatar Dr. Andrew Padmos | July 30, 2018
Hi Deborah, I know we’ve exchanged thoughts on this in the past and that I noted the legal/practical challenges and the tie this title has to our heritage and tradition… I’ve personally never felt that the “Royal” has been a hindrance in our work alongside Indigenous People or in our global interactions (in some instances, it has raised our organization’s profile). When first shared, your feedback was brought forth to discussions with stakeholders; at this time, there does not appear to be a strong appetite to reconsider our name. We will continue our work in a spirit of collaboration and mutual learning. - Andrew
Avatar Jijibhoy Patel MD | July 11, 2018
I had especially Immrated to Canada in 1969 to gain CRCPC FRCPC as I knew the high std of the Colledge educational value. When in Uof Alberta, I worked on Glucagon in Cardiogrnic shock.
Avatar Dr. Andrew Padmos | July 30, 2018
That is a high compliment and testament to the strength of our Royal College designation and educational standards. We are pleased to have you in the Fellowship. -Andrew
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