In memoriam (April 2023)

April 24, 2023 | Author: Royal College Staff

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Andreas Pierratos, MD, FRCPC, died on November 15, 2022, in Toronto, Ont., at age 73. Dr. Pierratos was certified by the Royal College in Internal Medicine (1984) and Nephrology (1986). A professor of medicine at the University of Toronto, he also worked at the Wellesley Hospital and Humber River Hospital. Dr. Pierratos pioneered the development of the first nocturnal home hemodialysis program and contributed to its international adoption. His work earned him the Lifetime Achievement Award in Hemodialysis, given by the International Society of Hemodialysis. Read more about Dr. Pierratos. 

George Goldsand, MD, FRCPC, died on December 20, 2022, in Edmonton, Alta., at age 87. Dr. Goldsand was certified by the Royal College in Internal Medicine in 1964. Founder of the Division of Infectious Diseases at the University of Alberta, he was one of the first infectious disease specialists in Canada. Throughout his career, Dr. Goldsand was a dedicated Royal College volunteer, serving on several task forces and committees, including the Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases Examination Boards. Read more about Dr. Goldsand 

Eric Hood, MBChB, FRCPC, died on March 5, 2022, in Mexico, at age 83. Dr. Hood was certified by the Royal College in Psychiatry in 1973. Specializing in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, he held several positions, including an appointment with the Family Court Clinic of the Clarke Institute, as well as assistant professor at the University of Toronto. Through the Baffin Consultation Service, Dr. Hood travelled to Nunavut to provide services twice a year for close to forty years. He was dedicated to educating health care workers about local mental health issues. Read more about Dr. Hood 

Venkateswara Rao Adduri, MBBS, FRCSC, died on March 13, 2022, in Winnipeg, Man., at age 82. Dr. Rao Adduri was certified by the Royal College in Orthopedic Surgery in 1977. He obtained his medical degree at NTR University of Health Sciences in India in 1964. Dr. Rao Adduri is remembered by both patients and former employees as a kind, dedicated and very compassionate physician. He will be missed by family and friends. Read more about Dr. Rao Adduri 

Colin Paul Sabiston, MD, FRCSC, died on November 8, 2022, in West Vancouver, B.C., at age 68. Dr. Sabiston was certified by the Royal College in Orthopedic Surgery in 1985. He obtained his medical degree at the University of Ottawa in 1979. Dr. Sabiston worked as an orthopedic surgeon at Lions Gate Hospital in Vancouver for 30 years where he specialized in knee surgery. Leaving a legacy of enhanced care, he improved the lives of many patients and will be fondly remembered by countless friends, relatives and colleagues. Read more about Dr. Sabiston. 

Hany Magdy Ramzi Youssef, MD, FRCPC, died on December 11, 2022, in Mississauga, Ont., at age 42. Dr. Youssef was certified by the Royal College in Anesthesiology in 2010. Dr. Youssef worked as an anesthesiologist at the Montfort Hospital in Ottawa and the North York General Hospital in Toronto before joining the Anesthesiology Department at the Brampton Civic Hospital. There, he also served as president of the Professional Staff Association. He worked tirelessly to improve patient care and provide excellence in service. Read more about Dr. Youssef 

Donald Charles Steele, MD, FRCSC, died on April 22, 2022, in St. Catharines, Ont., at age 92. Dr. Steele was certified by the Royal College in General Surgery (1961) and Urology (1962). He obtained his medical degree from the University of Toronto in 1956. Following the completion of his residency, Dr. Steele returned to St. Catharines to set up his practice. He was co-founder of the St. Catharines Urological Clinic and a past president of the Buffalo Urological Society. Read more about Dr. Steele 

Orest Alexander Ulan, MD, FRCPC, died on January 20, 2023, in Edmonton, Alta., at age 89. Dr. Ulan was certified by the Royal College in Pediatrics in 1967. He played a significant role in enhancing pediatric and neonatology care in the Edmonton area, as well as in Northern Alberta and in the Northwest Territories. Dr. Ulan had a rewarding career in private practice as a pediatric consultant and was extremely proud of the multidisciplinary collaborations, at both the University of Alberta (U of A) and Royal Alexandra Hospitals, that resulted in material improvements in newborn and childhood health outcomes. He participated in two post-Chernobyl Osvita Ukraine-Canada physician exchanges and received recognition from the U of A Department of Pediatrics for his long-term dedication as an instructor. Read more about Dr. Ulan 

Sandy James Pritchard, MD, FRCSC, died on October 9, 2021, in Toronto, Ont., at age 67. Dr. Pritchard was certified by the Royal College in Plastic Surgery in 1982. He worked as a full-time staff plastic surgeon, as well as a lecturer, in the Department of Surgery at the University of Toronto before establishing a private practice in aesthetic plastic surgery in Yorkville. There, he provided services for over 35 years. Dr. Pritchard also served on the Executive Board of the Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and as its president from 2013 to 2014. Read more about Dr. Pritchard.

James Ronald D. Bayne, MD/CM, FRCPC, died on February 26, 2021, in Hamilton, Ont., at age 97. Dr. Bayne was certified by the Royal College in Internal Medicine in 1960. He began his practice as a general practitioner in Sherbrooke, Que. Throughout his career, he held many roles, including chief of medicine at Ste. Anne’s Hospital for veterans in Montreal. Dr. Bayne also worked in McGill’s Faculty of Medicine (now the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences) and the Faculty of Health Sciences at McMaster University. President of the Canadian Association on Gerontology from 1983 to 1987, he is considered the pioneer of care for older persons and geriatric medicine in Canada. Read more about Dr. Bayne 

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