Improve patient outcomes through early intervention

March 11, 2020 | Author: Royal College Staff

Research shows that early medical intervention and management of patients can dramatically improve critical event outcomes. This means that front line health care providers must be able to recognize and act quickly, to provide timely and aggressive resuscitation to at-risk patients before critical events occur.

As clinicians, we want what’s best for our patients; but do we know what steps need to be taken in the early medical management of hemodynamic, respiratory or neurologic emergencies?

Prepare for medical emergencies with ACES Online

ACES Online can help you identify at-risk patients and intervene quickly to minimize organ damage. Use this assessment to improve your decision-making skills during time-sensitive medical emergencies.

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What’s included in the online module

  • Peer-reviewed, up-to-date and evidence-based material packaged into eight 30-minute cases
  • Individualized, immediate feedback on your performance so you can learn as you go
  • Up to four hours of recordable MOC Section 3 credits

ACES Online can be done anywhere, anytime. The course is relevant to all health care providers who may encounter critically ill patients. This includes specialists in Anesthesiology, General Surgery and Emergency Medicine.

Access ACES Online for a special price of $250 by entering your Royal College member number at checkout.


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