Have you checked your vitals? Wellness toolkit qualifies for MOC credit

October 12, 2021 | Author: Royal College Staff

Photo: Gift Habeshaw (Unsplash)

Recognizing the pandemic’s toll on medical professionals, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) has newly released a wellness toolkit. Packed with evidence-based services, this new resource lets physicians, medical learners and other health workers assess their vitals and gain wellness supports in self-directed areas of need.

Get started today with the CMA’s Pandemic Wellness Toolkit.

As an added bonus, each wellness cycle qualifies Fellows for Section 3 MOC credits.

Features of the Pandemic Wellness Toolkit

The CMA’s new resource includes

  • a “Check Your Vitals” self-assessment tool,
  • peer support and counseling services, and
  • ways to connect with peers, support your team and overcome pandemic-related challenges.

You can use this toolkit to address a wellness challenge you are currently dealing with. Or, use it to proactively look after your health.

Claim MOC Section 3 credits with every wellness cycle

Completing activities and accessing resources in the CMA’s new toolkit can count towards your continuing professional development.

To claim MOC Section 3: Practice Assessment credits, Fellows must complete a five-step wellness cycle:

Step 1. Complete the “Check Your Vitals” self-assessment.

Step 2. Attend one (or more) one-hour Wellness Connection virtual group support sessions.

Step 3. Leverage the resources in the Physician Wellness Hub (choose content in line with your wellness goals under “Connect with Peers,” “Support Your Team,” “Pandemic Wellness Topics,” “Sound Mind,” and other resources).

Step 4. Repeat steps two and three, as needed.

Step 5. Check Your Vitals” again, after your wellness process (steps 2 through 4) feels complete, to see how your wellness has changed.

Get started today — explore the CMA’s free Pandemic Wellness Toolkit.


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Emerson Brooks | October 16, 2021
I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW YOU USE THIS TOOL TO COLLECT CREDITS. HOW DO YOU "check your vitals" it is not clear how you start the process.
Royal College Staff | October 22, 2021
Hello, Dr. Brooks. We apologize for the confusion. We have added links to the section above that details the five steps you must do to complete a wellness cycle and claim credits. These links take you to the various sections of the toolkit starting with "Check your vitals" (there are four tabs you can review, ranging from healthy to ill). If you have further questions, please contact our Royal College Services Centre at 1-800-461-9598 or cpd@royalcollege.ca