Five takeaways from the June 2021 Council meeting

July 16, 2021 | Author: Royal College Staff

There is a new committee opportunity on the horizon, plus important policy changes and projects in the works. Royal College Council met June 17-18, 2021, to discuss Royal College business. Here are five highlights from that meeting.

1. Council approves new strategic plan

Council approved the new Royal College Strategic Plan (2021-2023). While doing so, they expressed deep appreciation for the efforts of the Strategic Planning Advisory Group and the Resident Affiliates, Fellows, staff and affiliated health care organizations who contributed to the planning process. The new strategic plan is a short-term agile plan built on the foundation of Our True North. It focuses on delivering key strategic commitments and strengthening core business processes. The foundational work that will be completed over the next two years will prepare the Royal College for future transformative work.

2. Council launches new standing committee on data and informatics

Council established a new standing committee called the Data and Informatics Governance Committee. As the Royal College’s new strategic plan ensconces digital transformation as critical to the organization’s success, this new committee will advise Council on data governance and the adoption of IT capabilities to transform Royal College business areas. The terms of reference for this committee will be available on the Royal College’s website later this summer. In the early fall, Fellows will be invited to apply to join this new committee. More details to come.

3. Plans are underway for CanMEDS 2025

Council was briefed on plans to start a three-year project to develop CanMEDS 2025. This update of the widely recognized and adopted CanMEDS Physician Competency Framework is a strategic initiative of the new Royal College Strategic Plan (2021-2023). The project will endeavor to align the current framework (last updated in 2015) with emergent societal issues, such as

  • equity, diversity, inclusion and anti-racism;
  • Indigenous health;
  • virtual care;
  • rural medicine; and
  • artificial intelligence.

It will also include other practical changes to reflect the contemporary practice of Canadian physicians. Project plans are being developed and will be sensitive to the change Fellows have undergone in the context of Competence by Design and the global pandemic.

4. Council approves two policy revisions on routes to certification

Council approved revisions to two certification policies:

  • the Policy on Academic Certification and
  • the Policy on the Practice Eligibility Route.

The changes aim to ensure better access to a route to Royal College certification for internationally trained specialist physicians practising in Canada or ready to practise in Canada. More information on the policy changes will be sent to impacted stakeholders over the summer before being posted on the Royal College website.

5. Council approves addition of EDI principles to its governing regulations

Council approved a new policy governing the membership of Council that intentionally embeds principles of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). The policy expands on a previous Council skills matrix, and confirms that Royal College Council should reflect the diversity of Fellows and the communities it serves.

This new policy

  • better describes Council member qualifications and attributes,
  • clearly states the accommodations available to ensure equal participation, and
  • includes two new EDI skills expected of Council overall.

The policy, which will soon be on the Royal College website, will actively guide the recruitment of new Council members when positions need to be filled.


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