Congratulations Deborah Hall, the 2022 Program Administrator Award for Excellence recipient!

August 25, 2022 | Author: Royal College Staff

Here is how trainees of the University of Ottawa’s Psychiatry Residency program sum up Debbie Hall’s role as Program Administrator: If you could compare their residency program to a house, Hall would be the structural beam that keeps the intricate edifice sound and reliable.

Rescuing a program from withdrawal 

Perhaps Hall’s most resounding accomplishment since she began as administrator in 2016 is the role she played ensuring the program’s continuation. When she started in her position, the Royal College’s Accreditation Committee had recently designated the residency program as “intent to withdraw”. Her colleagues and residents believe that Hall’s characteristic skill and diligence were the most important factors that led to the program receiving full accreditation within two years of her arrival. 

Committed to resident well-being 

In addition to being a skilled and effective administrator, Hall is beloved for her commitment to resident well-being. She advocates for residents when they suffer from fatigue—a challenge that worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic. She problem-solves with them so they can simultaneously work through residency requirements and prioritize their personal goals and values. She helps residents transition back to work after leave in creative ways, making sure they feel supported.  

In summary, residents and colleagues regard Hall as a source of all knowledge about the program, a lunchtime companion, a person to lean on for wisdom and comfort, and a backstop for anything the department needs. She embodies the best of the psychiatry residency program and inspires all those around her to meet her high standards for excellence and humanity.