Brief update (April 17): Initiatives to answer COVID-19 questions

April 17, 2020 | Author: Dr. Susan Moffatt-Bruce

Dear Fellows,

Recognizing that I sent you a special email on Monday outlining the Royal College’s four-point plan to hold spring 2020 exams this fall, I will keep this next update brief. I appreciate your time and I hope you find the following updates helpful.

Together with our partners at the Canadian Medical Association and the College of Family Physicians of Canada, we partnered with spark*advocacy to launch a new website: This site connects Canadians with credible and trustworthy answers to their top-of-mind questions.

Do your children have questions about what it’s like to be a doctor or surgeon right now?

COVID-19 has impacted Canadian children in unprecedented ways, but there is a gap in support for children and youth whose parents and loved ones are on the front lines of patient care. With this in mind, we are launching a new initiative. Between now and April 23, we invite your children and youth to submit their questions (written or video format) to the Royal College. Fellows and family physicians will then record answers, grounded in their unique insight and experience. We will then edit the videos together and share with you all.

Launching Perspectives — a new series of Fellow stories, reflections

Last week I introduced the idea of a “Perspectives” series to share first-person experiences or reflections on teamwork, ingenuity, triumph and hope, amidst COVID-19. Thank you for answering and here are the first two entries.

Useful Government of Canada links

Thank you for your patience

In closing, I would like to thank you all for your continued patience as I respond to emails I received over the past few weeks. There has been no shortage of ideas on resources to share, stories to tell or topics to feature in future correspondence. The delayed response is only a reflection of not having enough time in the day — not a lack of care or concern.

Until my next update, please take care.


Susan D. Moffatt-Bruce, MD, PhD, MBA, FACS, FRCSC
Chief Executive Officer

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