Answers to your top summertime MOC questions

July 17, 2019 | Author: Royal College Staff

Our Royal College Services Centre tracks questions on the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program. Lately, there have been many questions about Section 3 credits, international activities and the impact of health and family leaves on MOC cycles. Here are answers to some of your popular summertime questions.

How can I get MOC Section 3 credits?

Check the “My eLearning” tab in your MAINPORT ePortfolio.

You’ll find a variety of links:

More information is also available on our CPD activities you can record webpage.

I’m interested in completing some MOC Section 3 activities. Are there tools available to guide me in this process?

Yes, we have created the following tools and guidelines, all of which are available on your MAINPORT ePortfolio dashboard (under MOC Resources):

  • Clinical Audit Tool/Guideline
  • Annual Performance Guideline
  • Multisource Feedback Guideline

How do I claim credits for activities completed outside of Canada?

Read this MOC Tip that explains how to determine whether an international conference is eligible for Section 1 accredited group learning credits under the MOC Program.

The Royal College also has international agreements covering continuing professional development and MOC Program credits. These permit international education activities to be recorded within the MOC Program:

I’m a Fellow but I practise outside of Canada. Do I have to participate in the MOC Program?

It depends. We recognize some international continuing professional development (CPD) programs if they are substantively equivalent to our MOC Program’s philosophy and standards. Scan the list of recognized CPD programs. If you are participating in a recognized program, you do not have to participate in our MOC Program and your Royal College Fellowship will be maintained. However, all other stipulations of membership remain in place, including dues payments.

If you are an internationally based Fellow and would like to participate in an alternative international MOC or recertification program, you must complete this PDF form. You must also notify us of your decision to participate in an alternate program otherwise we will assume that you are participating in our MOC Program.

I’ve taken time off for a health or maternity/paternity/parental leave. How does this impact my MOC cycle?

  • If you are absent from your practice for more than four months and up to one year, you may receive a one-year extension to your MOC cycle if you have not yet met your cycle requirements.
  • If you are absent from practice for more than one year, you may receive a new MOC cycle after you return to part-time or full-time practice.

In either case, you must let us know by completing this  MOC Cycle Adjustment form. Or please email us at or call us at 1-800-461-9598 or 1-613-730-6243 (Ottawa area).

Have more questions?

Contact the Royal College Services Centre.

You can also check out our Maintenance of Certification Program’s FAQs.


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