Announcing the ICRE 2021 top papers

July 30, 2021 | Author: Royal College Staff

We are thrilled to announce the ICRE 2021 top papers in the following categories:

  • Royal College/JGME Top Research in Residency Education
  • Royal College/JGME Top Resident Research
  • Top What Works

Royal College/JGME Top Research in Residency Education papers

A novel workplace-based assessment tool: Validity evidence to support its use in competency-based anesthesiology residency training
Presented by: A. Kealey, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Canada

The variable meanings of entrustment: How clinical supervisors make entrustment decisions in workplace- and simulation-based settings
Presented by: T. Jeyalingam, University of Toronto, Canada

“The most crushing thing”: Understanding assessment burden for residents in CBME
Presented by: M. Ott, Western University, Canada

Presentations will take place on Thursday, October 21 at 1415 ET.

Royal College/JGME Top Resident Research papers

“Reduced to my race once again”: Perceptions about underrepresented minority students admitted to medical school in North America
Presented by: H. Barootes, Western University, Canada

Development of an indigenous admissions pathway in an obstetrics and gynecology residency program
Presented by: K. Black, University of Alberta, Canada

Themes emerging from reflections by pediatric residents during social pediatrics rotations
Presented by: K. Connors, University of Alberta, Canada

Patients as assessors in graduate medical education: A scoping review
Presented by: R. Khalife, University of Ottawa, Canada

Exploring trauma in medical training: The impact of patient death during residency
Presented by: W. Ye, McMaster University, Canada

Presentations will take place on Thursday, October 21 at 1130 ET.

Top What Works papers

Virtual live knowledge translation & support (ROSe)
Presented by: M. Francispragasam, Rural Outreach Support e-medicine (ROSe), Abbotsford, Canada

Creating and sustaining the pivot to virtual primary care: Implementation and evaluation of the Virtual Care Competency Training Roadmap (ViCCTR) in a large postgraduate residency program
Presented by: B. Grundland, University of Toronto, Canada

HiQuiPs – ‘Health informatics Quality improvement Patient safety’ a novel free open access medical education resource
Presented by: M. Hacker Teper, University of Toronto, Canada

Educating for equity: Development and implementation of a social justice curriculum in a large psychiatry residency program
Presented by: N. Singhal, University of Toronto, Canada

Vignettes: A novel comprehensive needs assessment tool for faculty development
Presented by: X. Tong, McMaster University, Canada 

Presentations will take place Thursday, October 21 at 1300 ET.

All top paper award recipients will be announced during the closing remarks on October 22.