Announcing the 2023 Program Administrator Award for Excellence recipient

July 25, 2023 | Author: Royal College Staff

Headshot of Kathy NowakThe Royal College is thrilled to announce that Kathy Nowak is the recipient of the 2023 Program Administrator Award! 

With this award, the Royal College recognizes Ms. Nowak’s commitment to excellence in supporting all aspects of residency education and work with all aspects of the program and with peers to exemplify the professional role of the Program Administrator. 

Ms. Nowak has earned the reputation of being a ‘work mother’ to all the residents in the Critical Care and Respiratory Medicine programs at the University of Manitoba.  

Developing strong relationships is the foundation of everything that Ms. Nowak does. She is genuinely interested in getting to know everyone. She knows all about the trainees, including their career aspirations, their spouses and kids and their vacation plans as she takes the time to really get to know them and understand their unique needs. She easily excels in creating environments where individuals feel truly supported and motivated, fostering a sense of family and community within her programs and amongst her peers. 

A natural leader and mentor, Ms. Nowak’s expertise is widely recognized, and she is always available to provide guidance or a helping hand. She thrives when assisting and teaching others, energized by the opportunity to make a positive impact on their professional development and personal growth. 

One of Ms. Nowak’s most admirable traits is her impeccable organizational skills and attention to detail. She possesses a remarkable ability to perceive the broader needs of the program while simultaneously delving into the minutiae of its operations, policies, and procedures. Her meticulous approach proved invaluable during the program’s accreditation process, ensuring compliance and excellence in all areas. 

In her free time, Ms. Nowak indulges in her passion for travelling and exploring new cultures. When not immersed in work, she cherishes moments of relaxation with a good book, savoring a cup of coffee, or enjoying a leisurely stroll outdoors. 

In summary, Ms. Nowak takes pride in her ability to bring structure and efficiency to any program and is committed to maintaining a high standard of excellence in all aspects of program administration while looking for avenues to move the programs forward with innovative ideas and the perseverance that is necessary to be successful.  


The award will be presented at the 2023 International Conference on Residency Education on Saturday, October 21, 2023. Learn more about the PA Conference and register.