Announcing our 2018 National Award Winners (Round 1)

April 24, 2018 | Author: Dr. Andrew Padmos

Dear colleagues,

Please join me in congratulating our newest award winners:

Get to know this year’s recipients, chosen from a competitive field of extraordinary nominations. Their stories remind us that, working together, each of our unique skillsets can be used to influence real and lasting improvements at the systems’ and patient-care levels.


Andrew Padmos, BA, MD, FRCPC, FACP
Chief Executive Officer

2018 James H. Graham Award of Merit

Dr-FitzG. William N. Fitzgerald, CM, MD, FRCSC

  • General surgeon
  • Former surgeon in chief, Charles S. Curtis Memorial Hospital, St. Anthony, N.L.
  • Former clinical professor of Surgery, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Known as “the patient’s doctor,” Dr. Fitzgerald conducted a challenging and eclectic practice for 38 years over a vast area in northern Newfoundland, Labrador and Quebec’s Lower North Shore. Into retirement, he continues to provide support as a teacher and locum surgeon. Continue Dr. Fitzgerald’s story »

2018 James H. Graham recipient
Find out

  • why he expanded his surgical scope early in his career,
  • how he helped save countless lives through colon screening,
  • why he always accepted referrals, and
  • why he firmly believes in international outreach and addressing inequalities.

Says a colleague, “He is simply the most extraordinarily talented surgeon I’ve ever met.”

2018 Duncan Graham Award for Outstanding Contribution to Medical Education

Dr-LieffSusan Lieff, MEd, MMan, MD, FRCPC

  • Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto
  • Director, New and Evolving Academic Leadership Program, Centre for Faculty Development, University of Toronto

Dr. Lieff has dedicated her career to advancing medical education and leadership. She is a globally recognized leader in faculty development and has made significant contributions to the field of Geriatric Psychiatry. Her colleagues and students value her as an exceptional teacher, clinician, scholar and mentor. Continue Dr. Lieff’s story »
Find out

  • how she advanced training and assessment in Geriatric Psychiatry,
  • the focus of her award-winning program at the University of Toronto,
  • how she promotes academic leadership, and
  • the various teaching awards she’s been honoured with.

Says a colleague, “She possesses a unique combination of critical thinking, passion, vision and pragmatism that inspires those around her to strive for the best.”

2018 Royal College AMS Donald Richards Wilson Award

DrChrisholmJanice Chisholm, MD, FRCPC

  • Anesthesiologist and clinical site chief (Victoria General), Critical Care (QEII Hospital) Nova Scotia Health Authority (NHSA)
  • Competency based medical education (CBME) lead and associate professor, Department of Anesthesia, Pain Management and Perioperative Medicine, and Department of Critical Care (Cross Appointment), Dalhousie University

Dr. Chisholm is widely known as an innovator and champion of resident education. Her commitment to the integration and teaching of the CanMEDS roles and competency framework is equipping physicians with the attitudes, knowledge and skills required to provide the diversity of care that Canadians need. Continue Dr. Chisholm’s story »
Find out

  • what she spent countless hours on to prepare for CBME,
  • her particular interest in simulation training for physicians,
  • the name of the project she works with in Rwanda, and
  • which award Dalhousie bestowed upon her in 2016.

Says a colleague, “[Her] vision, innovation, level of engagement, in combination with interpersonal skills and collaborative abilities makes her an outstanding clinician, teacher, innovator and role model.”

International Collaboration Award for 2018 (inaugural recipients)

Dr-AlbanyanEsam Albanyan, MBBS, FAAP

  • Infectious diseases specialist in Saudi Arabia
  • Director, CanMEDS Collaborating Center, Ministry of National Guard Health Affairs
  • Consultant and assistant professor of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, King Abdullah Specialized Children’s Hospital

Dr. Albanyan was an early adopter of CanMEDS in Saudi Arabia and has been actively promoting CanMEDS for over 10 years. While overseeing residency and fellowship programs, he worked closely with the Royal College to train clinician educators and together they deliver CanMEDS workshops across the entire Gulf region. They have been recognized for their excellence in teaching. Continue Dr. Albanyan’s story »

Says a colleague, “[He] is a world-class clinician-educator who works tirelessly to enhance residency education in the Middle East and elsewhere.”

Dr-AminHarish J. Amin, MBBS (Londres), MRCP (R.-U.), FRCPC, FAAP

  • Pediatrician and neonatologist
  • Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary
  • Pediatric Medical Site Lead, South Health Campus, Calgary

Dr. Amin is a highly respected clinician, educator and researcher who has helped establish standards of excellence in pediatric education in Canada and internationally. Recent work in curricula development led to new competency–based training for the next generation of pediatricians. Continue Dr. Amin’s story »
Says a colleague, “He is selfless, generous, supportive and a highly valued colleague. He makes a difference.”

DrHusainMaitham Husain, MD, FRCPC

  • Pediatrician and clinical immunologist in Kuwait
  • Director, NBK Children’s Hospital, Ministry of Health, Kuwait
  • Assistant professor, Clinical Immunology, Health Science Center, Kuwait University
  • Head of Accreditation and Quality Affairs Office, Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization

Dr. Husain has played a central role in developing and implementing an educational collaboration between the Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization and the Royal College to improve residency programs and training. The collaboration focuses on three critical medical education areas: accreditation, faculty development and examination. Continue Dr. Husain’s story »
Says a colleague, “[He] is a world class medical educator whose determination, hard work and innovation is leading Kuwait to becom[e] a world leader in postgraduate medical education.”

dr-li.jpgHaichao Li, MD

  • Respirologist in China
  • Vice president, Professor of Respiratory Medicine, Peking University First Hospital
  • Consultant physician, Division of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Peking University First Hospital

Dr. Li introduced CanMEDS in China in 2012 and since then has helped to revolutionize medical teaching and training models. His work resulted in Peking University First Hospital integrating CanMEDS best practices and competency-based medical education into all residency programs and training. Continue Dr. Li’s story »

Says a colleague, “He is the foremost pioneer in post-graduate training in China and a true innovator.”


Stefan Pacin | April 25, 2018
Hello, Why are national award winners actually physicians not working or living in Canada, rather Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, and China? What does the RCPS of Canada have to do with these countries, anyway?
Dr. Andrew Padmos | May 4, 2018
Hi Dr. Pacin, thank you for your question. I should have perhaps dropped the “national” from my post title. This is the first year that we’ve awarded the International Collaboration Award and you are correct that the recipients are recognized for their work outside of Canada. Since we established Royal College International about five years ago, we have been establishing capacity-building educational partnerships in countries around the world, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and China. I’ve often written about our international work (you can search my blog for past updates). For a high-level overview of our recent work in these regions, I invite you to read our 2017 Annual Review: Kind regards, Andrew