Free download: Toolkits on resource stewardship

March 11, 2019 | Author: Royal College Staff

In a complex system with competing demands, engaging in the stewardship of limited health care resources can be a challenge. Perhaps you are a busy clinician educator or simply interested in improving your understanding of this theme — take advantage of our free toolkits

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Choose from three toolkits

We’ve updated three toolkits on resource stewardship, first launched last year, that are aimed at preparing young physicians for the challenges associated with resource stewardship. While the content is written for medical educators and aligned with competencies in CanMEDS 2015, the lessons serve as a good refresher for all practising physicians.

  • Foundations of resource stewardship: Gain a foundational knowledge of resource stewardship and the ability to recognize opportunities to apply its concepts in daily practice through clinical care, teaching and assessment. Access it now.
  • Undertaking a resource stewardship project during postgraduate training: Faculty who supervise residents’ scholarly projects will benefit from assistance in the planning, supervision and assessment of resource stewardship projects. Access it now.
  • Communicating with patients and families about resource stewardship: This toolkit provides a framework that you can use to teach residents how to communicate with patients and families that request a medically unnecessary test/treatment. Access it now.

About the CanMEDS Resource Stewardship Curriculum Toolkit Series
These toolkits were developed by a group of physicians and residents, the College of Family Physicians, Choosing Wisely Canada and the Royal College. They aim to help clinician educators teach residents the foundations of resource stewardship, undertake a resource stewardship project, and assess communication with patients about resource stewardship.

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